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If you are curious to meet me then please don't be afraid to contact me. Especially if it is something that you have been thinking about for a while. Don't be scared to take the first steps you can trust me. Firstly we don't know each other so there is no way that anyone can know. You have just seen my profiles and advertisements etc so nobody can find out. As long as you make sure that you are discrete about it. This means deleting your internet history and saving me in your phone under a different name. Choosing an appropriate cover name and of course deleting messages calls and emails etc. If you are married or in a relationship with someone then you do need to take extra care when making contact. This can even include discarding these pages from your itemised phone bill! You have to be careful not to slip up! If you have to go as far as getting another phone or sim card then please do so. Also let me know if you only have specific times when you are free to talk. It is best to let me know about your availability to talk and text etc. Or if you would rather just contact me yourself at your own discretion then let me know. I will not be held responsible for any personal difficulties that you may have for contacting me. It is your own responsibility for putting the correct measures in place beforehand. Ensuring that you consider all the above and any further implications.



Now that we have gone through all that and considered everything. Lets now think more about actually meeting. You have made the first step and you have contacted me by a safe means. Now that we are in contact you need to decide how we are going to meet. Is it going to be an in call at my place or an out call to a hotel? You now need to decide which is the most suitable option for you. If it is your first time then I can make it very easy for you. Firstly we don't actually have to do anything! This might sound strange but really we don't have to do anything at all! We can start by meeting as friends and just go out for a drink. I won't charge you for any social time but this would have to be in Bradford during my working hours. You would have to buy the drinks and food etc and maybe my bus fare home. We can meet regularly and get to know each other for a while taking as long as you need. Then it is completely up to you if you want to take it any further or not. Whatever you decide to do is completely up to you. As long as you make it clear to me I won't encourage you to do anything. Even if I do fancy you or feel attracted to you I will leave everything to you! I am very good with people who are bi-curious there will be no pressure from me at all. I am also bi-sexual so I do sleep with women from time to time. If you are open with your partner then maybe you could arrange a 3 some meet? There is always that option to consider if your partner would be accepting of this. You can always show them my profiles and advertisements and make the decision together.




If we do go further then when it does come to me giving you a massage or anything else. I am more than happy to remain fully clothed at all times. It is completely up to you I will only do what you are comfortable with. We don't have to take our clothes off or do anything at all. One thing is for sure what happens between us will stay between us. Nobody will ever know because I am professional and discrete. Any time you spend with me will be completely private and confidential. If we do happen to see each other in town or in a supermarket or anywhere else please do not panic. Its about decorum and decency and just being polite. All I will do is nod my head as if to say 'are you alright mate.' I will not make any efforts to engage with you in public so don't worry. That does not mean that you can not talk to me it is just however you want to play it at the time. I am not bothered really but it is best to just look upon me as an old friend or an old work colleague from years ago. Do not panic I will be just as shocked and surprised to see you as you will be me. Anyway seeing me spontaneously may prompt you to arrange another booking. The main thing to bare in mind is discretion. Discretion is the key and you have the most important role in maintaining your own discretion.




⭐ I look forward to meeting you  
⭐ Dale Bradford  
✅ In Calls 9 am - 9 pm ✅ Professional & Discrete
✅ Out Calls 9 am - 9 pm ✅ Clean & Responsible
✅ Out Calls Arrange Early ✅ Everyone Welcome
✅ Overnights At Hotels ✅ First Timers Welcome
✅ Weekend Hotel Bookings ✅ Over 60's Welcome
✅ Long Distance By Arrangement ✅ Disabled Friendly
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