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As you already know I am based in Bradford near Leeds in West Yorkshire. However my location does not have to be a barrier for you. Especially if you have been thinking about meeting me for a while. Firstly I only live within 30 minutes of Leeds Bradford airport. You can always fly in to Leeds Bradford airport and stay in a hotel in Leeds city centre. You can research hotels in Leeds and arrange to visit me here. You can always arrange to rent a car so you could pick a car up so you can drive around. Whatever your options are you can do your research beforehand. We can arrange that I can come to meet you and stay with you for as long as you wish. It can be anything from a few days to a week. We can plan to do different things and go out on day trips etc. You can do your research and we can sort everything out beforehand. I can even meet you at the airport as soon as you arrive so that you don't get lost on your way. There are some very nice hotels and restaurants right next to Leeds Bradford airport. There are plenty of places where you can stay and we can meet there if you prefer. You can do some research and we can plan everything down to the very last detail. Ensuring that we get everything just right for you. Please do not be afraid of taking that step if you have the means.



Our Second option is that you can always fly me to you. Where ever you live, especially in Europe i am sure that we can come to some sort of arrangement. I am always open to new possibilities and opportunities. This would need much more careful planning and of course a deposit would be needed of at least 20%. Obviously we would sort everything out way in advance. The deposit can be paid in cash at the Western Union where I have an account and can collect the money. From there I can arrange my travel tickets and plan my journey with you. It is entirely up to you when it comes to me travelling long distances. As long as everything is arranged way in advance we shouldn't have any problems. We can arrange to meet at the airport and take it from there. With international bookings I do need around a months notice for planning and preparation. Additionally we do need to be talking for quite a while before we can proceed with a booking. This is a big step for both of us and needs careful planning and preparation. The duration of an international booking is entirely up to you. It can be anything from 3 days to a week and of course extended time can be arranged. Extended time can be arranged and negotiated at the time. Especially when we are getting along really well and are having a good time.



Arranging to meet can always become a more regular thing when you have the time. Especially when you are planning a holiday and would like me to be your travel companion. I have several stories written about when I have accompanied people as a holiday companion to several destinations. I really enjoy long time bookings because it gives us a chance to get to know each other. I like listening to your stories and finding out about you and I love learning from you. I love it when you show me new places and teach me new things. Overtime we can become good friends once we have made a good connection. Its nice when we meet a few times because we get to know each other more and more each time. We can always arrange to travel on holidays together when we are friends. We can either meet beforehand and take the journey together. Or we can meet at your holiday or travel destination. Either way we can sort everything out beforehand. I am open to the possibilities of friendship or a long term relationship or even marriage with the right person. You never know where an extended long time booking can lead us. Especially when you do like and want to meet me again and again. Anything is possible I am always available to offer you the 'honeymoon experience.' You have to imagine what I mean by that. The main thing to bare in mind is planning and preparation. Planning and preparation is the key to a good long distance encounter.




⭐ I look forward to meeting you  
⭐ Dale Bradford  
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✅ Long Distance By Arrangement ✅ Disabled Friendly
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