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✅ Here are some general rules to help us enjoy and make the most of our time together 🔍 If we both follow these general guidelines we should have an amazing memorable unforgettable experience. 💋



✔️ Advanced booking is highly recommended. 📆 The sooner you make a booking the better. The minimum advanced booking time is 2 hours before an in call booking and 4 hours before an out call booking. 🕑 Last minute bookings are not advisable because I need time to prepare especially when it is your first appointment.


The recommended times to contact me are between 9 am and 9 pm ☎️ ✉️ Call, Text or Email ☎️ ✉️ any day of the week. 🕛 If I don't answer the phone I could be busy so just send a text message. I will always reply to you as soon as I am available to talk. ✍🏻 Please be discreet and do not use explicit words. No withheld numbers please.
✔️Call if you are running late or need to cancel an appointment let me know as soon as possible. 📞 I will always do the same although it is very rare that I will cancel or be late for an appointment. 📩 If you cancel more than twice I may refuse to serve you. Repeated cancellations can result in the loss of my services.
✔️The services and rates are included on my website. 🔍 Please check what is offered to avoid any confusion during our booking. It is best to know exactly what services you would like and the time frame that would best suit you. The services and rates are non negotiable the only exception could be for long time bookings. ✅
✔️Always prepare the right amount of cash in the right currency 💰 UK GBP. 💰 The fee should be in clear sight before we start the booking. It is highly recommended that you have extra funds available encase we decide to extend our time frame or you would like to leave a tip. 💲 This can be flexible and negotiated at the time.
✔️Decide before our appointment if you would like to go out to the pub for a drink and a bite to eat. 🥂 We can either do this before or after our booking. It makes our appointment more personal for us and also extends our time together. When you treat me well I will always treat you well too. 🍻
✔️To fully enjoy our booking you must be freshly showered, 🚿 well-groomed and smell nice. I will start by providing you with a full body massage. The massage can last up to 20 minutes or however long you would like. ✔️ Please let me know of any areas where you would like me to concentrate on.
✔️If you would like FK (French kissing) 💋 or DFK (deep French kissing) then please have minty-fresh breath. I recommend the use of chewing gum or mints. Please be respectful and always be a gentleman. 👄 Your kindness and generosity will be much appreciated and rewarded.
✔️I will supply ALL the condoms massage lotions and lubrication that we will need, 🧴 in order to enjoy a safe and comfortable experience together. ✔️ You have no worries however if you do have your own personal preferences of oils, lotions or lubrication then please feel free to bring them along with you. ☑️
✔️I don’t drink a lot but I like to have a drink or 2 especially when we are on a hotel out call booking 🥂 we can have a bottle of wine or 2 🍻 when I am meeting you at a hotel we can always start in the pub or go out at some stage of the booking for a few drinks in a pub or bar together. 🍾
✔️I don't generally allow drug or alcohol use during a booking. ⛔️ Please wait until you are sober to arrange meeting. I don't take drugs so please don't ask me to. I will allow for some if you discuss it with me first 🛑 however if it is likely to effect your performance then I would rather that you didn't.
✔️I now keep a supply of Kamagra oral jelly sachets which you can purchase on top of the fee. 💊 The Kamagra has the same effect as viagra if you need it for a better erection. 🧴 I also have a supply of poppers available for use or for sale if you like to use poppers. 
✔️When you are travelling to meet me for an in call plan your journey beforehand. 📶 Use a satellite navigation system or an up to date map book, 🌍 always set off in good time. When you are coming by train I will happily meet you at the train station and take you back afterwards so you don't get lost on your way.
✔️If you would like me to travel a long distance to meet you then planning and preparation would be needed first. Also a deposit may be needed to cover my travel expenses. 💰 I don't charge for travel time unless the journey is more than 2 hours. 2️⃣ Please contact me so we can agree how to proceed with a long distance booking. 🚀
✔️If you would like to surprise me with a gift then please feel free to ask me. 🎁 You can always bring a bottle of wine with you or you can get some inspiration from my gifts page. We can go shopping to a supermarket 🛒 to get some shopping for me or even walk around town. 👕 When you treat me well I will always treat you well too.
✔️I like listening to your stories and finding out about you and I love learning from you. 💖 I love it when you show me new places and teach me new things. 😍 I am always open to new possibilities and opportunities.
✔️ Please feel free to contact me with any unanswered questions or concerns. ❔❕
✔️Thank you for reading my rules page. 💋
✔️Lets have a good time 😊




⭐ I look forward to meeting you 
⭐ Dale Bradford 
✅ In Calls 9 am - 9 pm✅ Professional & Discrete
✅ Out Calls 9 am - 9 pm✅ Clean & Responsible
✅ Out Calls Arrange Early✅ Everyone Welcome
✅ Overnights At Hotels✅ First Timers Welcome
✅ Weekend Hotel Bookings✅ Over 60's Welcome
✅ Long Distance By Arrangement✅ Disabled Friendly
☎️ ✉️ Call, Text or Email ☎️ ✉️☎️ ✉️ Call, Text or Email ☎️ ✉️

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