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I really like it when you treat me well when we meet so rather than a gift I would much prefer that we can go out to eat. Eating out and getting to know you for me is much better than any gift. We can make an afternoon of it and have a really good time I have no time restrictions when we go out together. I like to get to know people well and spending time together is very important to me than any gift could ever be. I especially like it when we go out to the pub because we can get to know each other properly. We can have a few drinks and talk for hours going around the pubs in my city center. We could even go to the gay pub for a drink if you like but I prefer the pubs in the town center. I enjoy spending time with my customers and It becomes more personal that way. I have had some amazing times on pub crawls with people that have lasted for hours. We can really extend our time together and may even become friends over time. I like listening to your stories and finding out about you and I love learning from you. I love it when you show me new places and teach me new things. We can go out for a drink to a pub in Bradford town center or we can go to a place of your choice. When you are coming to meet me in Bradford I know lots of places where I like to go. When you are driving we can always go out after our booking. I live very close to the city centre and I know some good safe parking spots. When you are coming by train I can meet you at either of the train stations in Bradford. I like to be on time and ready for you to arrive. From meeting at the station we can walk in to town to a pub for a drink and a bite to eat somewhere.




This is the best way to start our booking especially when you have been travelling for a long time. Then when we are ready we can take a taxi to my place or even walk if it is a nice day. Just let me know what sorts of food and drinks you would like and i am sure i will know the right place. I love going to the pub to have a few drinks and a bite to eat together. We can do this either before or after our booking. I will always treat you well especially when you treat me well. I believe in value for money so I will always encourage that we have longer extended meets. Especially when you are travelling a long way to meet me. I will always do my best to make sure that you are happy. I provide a good service plan taking care of you all the way. I will happily take you back to the train station after our booking and make sure that you get on to the right platform. I know the train station well and I will even wait for the train with you to make sure that you get on OK before we part company. Then let me know when you arrive back in to your own city. I will always thank you for your visit and hope that we can make it a more regular thing over time once we are friends. It is nice when we meet regularly because we get to know each other more and more. For me the best gift is the chance to spend some good quality time with you.

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I have made a list of the places where I like to go out for a drink and a bite to eat in Bradford city centre. There is a list of pubs and places to eat all of which are good quality and good value for money. Then I have listed some other places which are further away and more for nice quality evenings together.
The first pub where I like to go is 'The Turls Green' pub in Bradford Centenary Square right next to the city park water feature. The turls green pub is very good value for food and drinks and is a nice place to sit and enjoy each others company. I recommend having breakfasts there because they also offer unlimited refillable hot drinks from the vending machines. We can also sit upstairs where it is much more private too.
✅ The Turls Green Bradford Town Centre
The second pub where I like to go is called 'City Vaults.' City vaults is slightly more expensive than the turls green. However they do serve really nice home cooked food. The food is amazing and presented in a much higher standard. It is worth to pay that bit more if you want a delicious home cooked meal. My favorite meal to have there is the chicken fajitas that they serve they are amazing. Also they have just recently refurbished and extended the pub to make more room available. City vaults is good any time of the day.
✅ City Vaults Bradford Town Centre
I like to go to buffets there are a few buffet restaurants that I like. The first one is called 'Azuma' which is situated very close to Bradford Interchange. Azuma is an all you can eat Chinese buffet. It is very good value for money however the best days to go are Monday to Friday. The best times to go are lunchtime and early afternoon as the price increases at tea time. It is a very nice place and I know the staff there well as I tend to go once a week. It is very good value at around £10-£12 per person without drinks iced water is available.
✅ Azuma Chinese Buffet Near Bradford Interchange
The second buffet where I like to go to is Pizza Hut which again is situated very close to Bradford Interchange. Pizza Hut run a buffet that starts at 11:30 am until 3:00 pm everyday of the week. The pizza hut buffet is really good because you can eat as much pizza and salad as you wish. The salad bar is amazing they have everything and you can also get refillable drinks from the vending machine. It is very good value at around £10 per person with drinks.
✅ Pizza Hut Near Bradford Interchange
The third buffet where I like to go is called 'Habibs' which is away from the city centre. It is about a 10 minute drive from where I live. Habibs is only ideal for evening meals because it only opens in the evenings form 5 pm. Habibs has a good choice of Indian Asian food priced at around £12.95 without drinks iced water is available. They also have a large selection of deserts and ice cream. I like to go there every now and again when I fancy a change.
✅ Habibs Killinghall Road Bradford
There is another Indian Asian restaurant which is close to where I live called 'Nawab.' Nawab is a 10 minute walk from where I live and has a special offer on meals. You can get a 3 course meal for £12.95 between 5pm and 7pm which is good value. The ideal time to arrive would be around 6pm. They also serve very nice deserts especially chocolate cakes. However they don't take card payments they only accept cash payments at the tills.
✅ Nawab Bolton Road Bradford
These are my favorite local good value places where I like to eat. There are many others which if you are driving we could go to. We can arrange to meet for a 2 hour booking at my place then go out to eat afterwards and make an evening of it. You can always tell me what sort of food you would like and I can make some suggestions. Or we could research some places together and try somewhere new. I like having a good time with you so as long as you are happy I am happy too. When we are meeting at a hotel for an out call we can choose the places to eat at the time. In Leeds I know a few good places but I don't eat there much unless I am swimming for the day. I love spending time with people and getting to know you. For me the best gift is the chance to spend some good quality time with you.







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⭐ Dale Bradford  
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