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If you are curious to meet me then please don't be afraid to contact me. Especially if it is something that you have been thinking about for a while. We can always arrange to meet as friends especially if you are my age. You don't have to be scared we don't actually have to do anything! This might sound strange but really we don't have to do anything at all! We can start by meeting as friends and just go out for a drink. I am always open to making new friends and dating. I won't charge you for any social time but this would have to be in Bradford during my working hours. You would have to buy the drinks and food etc and maybe my bus fare home. We can meet regularly and get to know each other for a while taking as long as you need. You can always take me out on a dinner date and see how it goes. This is good especially if you are single and would like some company. I am always open to meeting new friends and making new connections. Then it is completely up to you if you want to take it any further or not. Whatever you decide to do is completely up to you. As long as you make it clear to me I won't encourage you to do anything. Even if I do fancy you or feel attracted to you I will leave everything to you! If we do go further then when it does come to me giving you a massage or anything else. I am more than happy to remain fully clothed at all times. It is completely up to you I will only do what you are comfortable with. We don't have to take our clothes off or do anything at all. One thing is for sure what happens between us will stay between us. Nobody will ever know because I am professional and discrete. Any time you spend with me will be completely private and confidential.





From time to time we all need somebody to talk to outside of our usual social circles. Especially when it is to do with issues like sexuality. I am not a qualified counsellor but I am here to help you if you want me to. I have used counselling services myself in the past so I know how it all works. Personally I didn't find my experience of counselling services to be that useful. In fact I think that private 1 on 1 counselling or support from me may be much more useful to you than actually going to a registered service. Especially if you do want private and confidential impartial advice and the chance to experiment discretely. I won't charge you for any social time but this would have to be in Bradford during my working hours. I'm sure that I can help you deal with any personal issues concerning sexuality conflicts. You can confide in me. When we do meet and get to know each other I will be able to see how 'gay' you are. Trust me I have met a lot of people through my escorting career so I will be able to detect on a scale how gay you are. Escorting and meeting different people has really educated me on how people work, and believe me there are many different types of gay people. I will be able to detect how obvious this is and give you the support and advice that you need. Most of the time if you are low on my scale I wouldn't bother disrupting your personal life by telling people. Just keep it to yourself because you will always have opportunities from time to time where you can express your 'other side'. The question is, how often do you feel that you would want to express your other side? If it is not that often then I will always advise that you stay undercover for as long as possible. If you do have friends and family,  a girlfriend or a wife. I would never advise you to 'come out' and tell them! Sometimes the best thing to do is to just live your life because most of your thoughts and feelings will just be fantasies and fetishes. There is a difference between having fantasies and fetishes and being gay. That is what my service is for. My service is for those people who wish to engage in a casual, discrete and confidential way. Away from their own social circles and without having to go to places where they may feel uncomfortable. My service is ideal for people who want 100% privacy and discretion you can confide in me.



Arranging To Meet


When it comes to us arranging or planning to meet. As you already know I am based in Bradford near Leeds in West Yorkshire. However my location does not have to be a barrier for you. Firstly you can always come to me using which ever travel option is the most convenient for you. If you drive you can always drive to Bradford or Leeds. I only live within 15 minutes walking distance of Bradford interchange. You can always arrange to come to Bradford or Leeds to visit me here you can use the train. This is the most comfortable way for you to travel to me. However there are other ways too. There is the Mega-bus which is a more cost effective service which takes longer and takes you in to Leeds. You can book the mega-bus yourself online and arrange what time you will depart and arrive etc. I would recommend booking a hotel in Leeds city centre for an overnight booking. You can research hotels in Leeds and make a reservation. Of course the earlier you book your travel tickets and hotel the cheaper it will be for you. Whatever your options are you can do your research beforehand. We can arrange that you can come to Leeds and stay with me for as long as you wish. It can be anything from one day to one week. We can plan to do different things and go out on day trips etc. You can do your research and we can sort everything out beforehand. I can even meet you at the train station in Leeds as soon as you arrive so that you don't get lost on your way. There are some very nice hotels and restaurants in Leeds. There are plenty of hotels where you can stay and we can meet there if you prefer. You can do some research and we can plan everything down to the very last detail. Ensuring that we get everything just right for you. Please do not be afraid of taking that step if you have the means.




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